Contest – Rules

Each surfer will surf in 2 heats. Their highest scoring 4 waves will count towards their total score, which ultimately will determine their place on the leader board. These 4 wave scores may come from either or both heats.

1. Heat Draw – Beach Marshal Information and Running Order will be posted on the notice board at least half an hour before the event is scheduled to start. The draw will be done on a random basis, there will not be a preferential starting order for the teams or competitors.

2.The first heat may paddle out when they have collected their contest vest and ride practice waves before the days competition starts.

3. All other competitors to start by standing at the waters edge, knee depth maximum and must not infringe on the contest area during allotted paddle out time.

4. Heats will be started on a single horn blast.

5. Heats will end with two horn blasts. There will be a minimum of 30 seconds between heats. The head judge will indicate when a heat is to commence.

6. A disc system will also be used, the disc must be at least 1 metre in diameter. It must have a green or yellow light colour on one side and a darker red or orange colour on the other. The light colour indicates that the heat is in progress. The red side is shown to indicate that the heat is in its last 5 minutes. At the end of the heat the disc 5 is turned edge on to the sea so that no colour is visible.

N.B. The start of the horn blast signifies the start or end of the heat. The flags or disc are for guidance only.

7. The Contest Director and Head Judge will determine heat times. Any alterations will be announced before a heat commences. A heat cannot be extended while in progress.

8. Competitors contributing scores will be their best 4 waves ( from 2 heats surfed), max 15 waves to be ridden per heat. In the unlikely event that only 1 heat is surfed it will be the best 2 waves that are counted.

9. A surfer who has ridden more than 15 waves may be liable to an interference penalty if they remain in the water and interfere in any way with the other competitors in that heat.

10. When the air horn sounds for the end of a heat a surfer must be clearly in possession of the wave (e.g. for board riders hands having left the rails) for a ride to be scored.

11. When heats are in progress, and at the beginning of the days surfing, any surfer in the defined competition area may be penalised. The penalty will be immediate disqualification.

12. Contestants are to check in with the Beach Marshall at least 5 minutes prior to the start of their heat. Contest vests must be worn both from and back to the Beach Marshall and must be returned immediately after the heat has been concluded.

13. At the completion of each heat, surfers will return to the beach in a prone position. A surfer may incur an interference penalty if he/she stands up after the end of their heat and remains standing into the next heat and interferes with another surfer. If a surfer stands up before the end of their heat they may finish their ride and be scored for it even if it ends after their heat has ended.

14. Judges and tabulators sheets will be available for scrutiny by competitors, but must not be removed from the contest control area.

15. Anyone who is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct may be liable to disqualification at the discretion of the Contest Director, Head Judge and Surfers Representative.

16. Heats will normally be made up from a maximum of four surfers, although five man heats may be used.

18. Protests should be made in writing (on a form available from the Beach Marshal) and delivered to the Contest Director.

Judging Criteria

Surfers must perform to the following judging key elements to maximize their scoring potential. Judges analyze the following major elements when scoring waves.

Commitment and degree of difficulty

Innovative and progressive manoeuvres

Combination of major manoeuvres

Variety of manoeuvres

Speed, power and flow

NOTE: It’s important to note that the emphasis of certain elements is contingent upon the location and the conditions on the day, as well as changes of conditions during the day.

The following scale may be used to describe a Ride that is scored:

    • 0-1.9 = Poor
    • 2.0-3.9 = Fair
    • 4.0-5.9 = Average
  • 6.0-7.9 = Good
  • 8.0-10.0 =Excellent

iAM Bands Leveller

Dependent on the competitors iAM Band colour a handicapping adjustment, in the form of standardized additional points will be applied to each competitors score to provide an ability adjusted leaderboard.

Foam Board Competition

1. Teams submitted in size of 6 competitors

2. Each team to have a School, and Unique name

3. All competitors must be wearing a wetsuit, and a leash

4. Fancy dress must be worn over wetsuit during foam board event.

5. Each individual will score points for creativity, and innovation on the wave, the following should act as a guideline to increasing difficulty and thus increasing points from the judges:

  • Catching a wave
  • Touching the water with 1 hand whilst riding a wave
  • Touching the water with 2 hands whilst riding a wave
  • Dying Beetle with standing recovery
  • Riding green waves
  • Hand Stand with recovery

Ultimately style and out of the box thinking will be rewarded by the judges!

6. Prizes will be awarded first, second, and best fancy dressed